Memorial Box Series
May 8, 2024


05/11/24 @ 1:00pm –
05/11/24 @ 3:00pm

Training Room

Mammen Family Public Library

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Registration is required.
Registration starts: 04/20/2024 @ 1:00pm

Registration end: 05/11/2024 @ 1:00pm

Did you know that you can design, produce, and finish your very own custom wooden boxes with just a little bit of math and a laser engraver? The Mammen Family Public Library has two laser engravers that can do just that, and we will even help you with the math!

In this two-part class series we will:

Learn how to anticipate kerf (a woodworking term for lost material), and how to use it to our advantage with designing both inlays and structures.
Make use of the Glowforge (a laser engraver) to cut out both our box panels as well as a customized message on our top panel. Then we will assemble the box for use…whether that be for your pens and pencils or for something more solemn like a memorial box for a dearly departed pet.

While for the purposes of this class you will be limited on the size of box and the detail/amount of customization, what you learn in this class you can go on to apply to any number of other projects which can be done in the library’s Makerspace!

We will be using Glowforge’s own Proofgrade materials as well as superglue to assemble our boxes. You may paint, stain, and otherwise finish your boxes as you see fit at home.

This is a 2-part series, attendees must be able to make it to both class dates.

Class 1 – Saturday, May 11th, 1:00pm-3:00pm: We will be learning about kerf, and designing our customized messages. The library’s Makerspace staff will cut out the box panels before the next class.
Class 2 – Saturday, May 25th, 1:00pm-3:00pm: We will be assembling our boxes and discussing finishing techniques.

By filling out the registration form, you will be registered to attend both the class sessions.