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You can make a difference

When you support MFPL you support our full community. Join us in helping people access resources, education, and community.

Ways to Support MFPL

When you support Mammen Family Public Library you support our entire community. Volunteer or donate today and join us in our mission to provide access to resources, education, and a sense of belonging.
The Bulverde Area Rural Library District, a political subdivision of the State of Texas, governs the library as a non-profit organization.

You can donate to the library by mailing a check to:
Mammen Family Public Library
131 Bulverde Crossing
Bulverde, TX 78163

or donate online via PayPal.

Your contribution will help us continue providing quality resources and services to the Bulverde community.

Thank you for supporting Mammen Family Public Library!

Mammen Family Public Library
Optional Donation Opportunities

Donate to our 501(c)3 support organizations, Friends of the Bulverde Area Rural Library District or Foundation of the Bulverde Area Rural Library District to make a difference today.

adult volunteering at local library

Adult Volunteer Opportunities:

If you’re interested in volunteering, simply fill out the Adult Volunteer Application  and drop it off at the library or email it to to get started. Once we receive your application, our Volunteer Manager will reach out to you to schedule a meeting and discuss your interests.

We have a range of opportunities available, including assisting with children’s activities (this requires completion of a background check), helping with adult programs, shelving (this requires a consistent schedule on an ongoing, weekly basis) and even teaching a program at the library (with the completion of a program proposal).

Volunteering at our library is a great way to get involved in the community, gain new skills, and give back.  Adult Volunteer Application


Student Volunteer Opportunities:

If you’re a student looking to make a difference in your community, Mammen Family
Public Library offers a range of opportunities for you to get involved. We welcome teens ages 13 and up to apply to become a volunteer using our dedicated Student Volunteer Application

Additionally, we host a monthly drop-in group volunteer time for students to meet and contribute volunteer hours.

For those interested in an ongoing weekly schedule, we also offer the chance to commit to a consistent volunteering schedule.

To learn more about these opportunities, please email Youth Services Librarian, Montana Rindahl, at .

We look forward to hearing from you and working together to make a positive impact in our community!

mfpl brick

Purchase a brick paver or granite tile

Recognize and honor the Military, Veterans, Parents, Children, Friends, Clubs, Special Occasions, etc. and support the library by purchasing a brick paver or granite tile.

Options include:
● 4” x 8” brick paver with 3 rows of 20 characters/ spaces $50
or 3 rows of 15 characters/ spaces with military insignia $60
● 8″x 8″ brick paver with 6 rows of 20 characters/ spaces $110
or 5 rows of 20 characters/ spaces with military insignia $120
● 12” x 12” black granite paver with 8 rows of 20 characters/ spaces $200
or 7 rows of 20 characters/ spaces with military insignia $210
● With any order you can purchase a 4″x 4″ replica for your personal use for an additional $10

Military pavers will be placed by the Military Memorial at the front of the building. All others will be located in the Library Butterfly Garden Memorial Walkway.

Fill out this online form here to choose, then mail your check to 131 Bulverde Crossing, Bulverde, TX 78163 or pay via Paypal. If using Paypal, please email your engraving lines to