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Mammen Family Public Library’s (MFPL) makerspace mission is to connect people with ideas. Our Makerspace is a community resource meant to be shared by members of the community. It is designed to inspire personal growth through experimentation, creativity, and the application of knowledge. These state-of-the-art resources and technologies exist to support educational, professional and personal goals and endeavors.

Much of the MFPL Makerspace equipment was funded through generous grants from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and the Texas State Library and Archives (TSLAC).


Does it cost?

While use of makerspace equipment is free, there is a cost for materials used (consumables). The library may not have all materials you need. You may bring your own materials if they are approved by the Makerspace staff. Materials for use in our Glowforge must be Proofgrade.

We are not an on demand print shop so please note that we cannot complete projects for you. Our goal is that you will become proficient on the equipment to run it yourself. There also may be times when certain equipment is out of order, being repaired or may be lent out to other libraries who participated in the grants.

After completing in-person or online training on makerspace equipment, if you would like to be considered qualified to use the equipment on your own, or if you already have been qualified on equipment and would like to schedule time to use it, please contact us using the box on the right.

Please review the Makerspace Use Policy for information on eligibility, use and safety guidelines and types of equipment currently available. You must have an active MFP Library card in good standing to use the makerspace.

We strictly adhere to the age restrictions which include adults over 18, youth over 16 with parental consent and and youth over age 12 with a parent present. For younger children, please check our calendar for STEM activities which sometimes utilize makerspace equipment.


Use of makerspace equipment is for personal use only. Community members are encouraged to learn to use new technologies but we do not intend our makerspace to replace local business services and deprive them of income.

  • The Makerspace is designated for use by persons age 18 and older with an active library card in good standing.
  • Teens: 16 & 17 year olds must have a parent/legal guardian with an active library card to co-sign documents. They may use equipment without parent/legal guardian with signed documents on file and after qualification or in open Makerspace times if qualified.
  • Children: 12-15 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.
  • Makerspace equipment is intended for educational purposes and prototyping, not for mass production purposes. Staff reserves the right to refuse the creation of any object. The public will not be permitted to use MFPL’s equipment to create or manipulate objects that are:
    • Weaponry or parts of weaponry of any kind
    • Prohibited by local, state, or federal law
    • Unsafe, harmful, dangerous, or that poses an immediate threat to the well-being of others
    • Obscene or otherwise inappropriate for the MFPL environment
  • No food or drinks of any kind are permitted near the equipment.
  • Policies, Safety Procedures, and Liability Waiver must be read and signed before using the Makerspace equipment. If you are under the age of 18, a release must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Makerspace equipment is for use only in the library.
  • Some makerspace equipment may be eligible for checkout for in-library use. A library card in good standing, a signed makerspace use agreement form, and signed liability waiver are required to check out equipment.  The individual checking out will be considered the main user and is responsible for any damage or misuse of the equipment, even if a group is working on a project together. Users must not leave equipment unattended while it is checked out to them.
  • Makers must bring their own supplies to work with. If you are unsure about what supplies can be used, please contact the Makerspace Specialist, or 830-438-4864
    • Unless otherwise authorized, there is no storage of personal belongings, ongoing projects, or digital content in the Makerspace, on computers or equipment.
    • When storing digital content, you must provide your own storage device.
    • Library staff are not responsible for items left in the Makerspace.
  • The library is not responsible for any defects or the quality of any of the equipment in the Makerspace, nor any items created within the makerspace. You are responsible for your creations.
  • Makers are responsible for completing the equipment checklist at the end of their session and returning it to staff.
  • Makers may temporarily lose access to and require retraining on equipment if they:
    • Cause the equipment to be out of service
    • Fail to follow the equipment usage guidelines
    • Demonstrate a lack of basic knowledge needed to use the equipment
  • Safety is your top priority when using the Makerspace. If you are not sure what you are doing, ask.
  • Makers should act in a manner that does not disrupt the orderly conduct of the space, prevents other patrons from using library resources, or interferes with library employees performing their duties.
  • Follow the rules for each piece of equipment.
  • Please refer to the Safety Manual for each machine for more detailed safety guidelines.
  • Report any unsafe behavior or malfunctioning equipment to library staff.
  • Equipment should remain in the library.
  • Clean and return any item to its proper storage when not in use.
  • Please do not engage in behavior that may startle or distract others in creative space.
  • Think through the entire job before starting. Prepare prints or drawings with all dimensions and specifications prior to using machines.
  • Never use a broken tool. Report any broken tools or machines immediately.
  • Do not remove tools from the room.
  • Never walk away from a machine or tool that is still turned on.
  • Remove or fasten any loose clothing and/or jewelry.
  • Keep hands, fingers, and hair away from moving parts of the equipment.
  • Think through the whole job before starting.
  • Always check adjustments on the machines before turning on the power.
  • Make sure that everyone is clear of the machines before turning them on.
  • Start your own machine and remain with it until you have turned it off and it has come to a complete stop.
  • Never leave the laser unit unattended while operating – always stay within sight. If you need to use the restroom or otherwise briefly leave the space, you MUST NOTIFY STAFF.
  • Leaving the laser unattended while running without notifying staff will result in an immediate ban of your laser privileges.
  • A small, candle-like flame where the laser beam strikes the material is normal. This flame should move with the laser and should not remain lit when the laser has moved past. If there is a lasting flame inside the laser unit that does not extinguish when the laser has moved past, IMMEDIATELY unplug the laser and notify staff.
  • Makerspace staff must pre-approve the materials to be used on the laser.
  • Make sure the air filter is turned on and running before turning on the laser.
  • 3D Printers have hot parts that may burn your skin.
  • Do not touch the extruder head or the print bed after turning on the machine.
  • Power the sewing machines off before changing needles, replacing bobbin, or any tasks that require your hands to be near the sewing area.
  • Never sew over pins or buttons.
  • Always pay attention and keep your hands clear of the feeder while sewing.
  • The heat press has hot parts that can burn your skin.
  • Do not touch the top part of the press when placing items on the bed for pressing.
  • Do not leave the heat press unattended during use.
  • Disconnect the Shapeoko from the power source before changing bits, loading material, or making any other adjustments to the machine.
  • Clean up every time whenever you leave an area, including sweeping the floor.  Clean and return all tools to where you got them.
  • Shut off and unplug machines when cleaning.
  • Never use a rag near moving machinery.
  • Use a brush, hook, or a special tool to remove chips, shavings, etc. from the work area. Never use your hands.
  • Keep fingers clear of the point of operation of machines by using special tools or devices, such as push sticks, hooks, pliers, etc.
  • Keep the floor around machines clean, dry, and free from trip hazards. Do not allow chips to accumulate.
  • Mop up spills immediately and put a wet floor sign over them if they are wet enough to cause someone to slip.

Please print and fill out these forms.  You can either drop them off in person to the Makerspace Specialist or scan them and email to:

Makerspace User Agreement and Liability form

Please use this form to request a makerspace appointment or for any questions you might have of our makerspace personnel.  Due to the limited number of staff available, it may be 48-72 hours before you receive a response.  Thank you!


Contact Makerspace