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Out and about bringing library services to our community through various events, programs and collaborations with community partners.

Homebound Delivery

Free delivery service of library materials to eligible patrons

Artist Spotlight

The Library welcomes artists to share their love of art.

Outreach Events

Our services out into areas of our community

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Community Outreach

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The Mammen Family Public Library offers a range of services and programs that include digital resources, free classes, workshops, events, and activities. We strive to make sure our services and programs are available to everyone, including people who may not be able to come to our building. Our Outreach initiative is in place to expand and improve library services in our community.

Our Outreach vehicle, the Trekker, can be seen throughout the Bulverde Area Rural Library District bringing library materials and services to support the lifelong learning needs of our community. Collaborations are ongoing and include the Bulverde Police Department, Comal ISD, Bulverde Spring Branch Activity Center, S.H.A.R.E. center, Bella Groves Memory Care, Bulverde Assisted Living as well as local private schools and other area organizations.

To let us know if you would like to partner with us or need our services, please email us at:

Artist Spotlight hallway is a gallery style space outside one of our meeting rooms used to showcase works by local artists (paint, pencil, photography, mixed media, etc.).

To apply, ensure you meet these criteria:
1. Prepare 3 captivating pieces for display.
2. Your artwork must be family-friendly.
3. Reside in Comal or one of its’ surrounding counties.

    To apply, please submit your name, phone number, a short bio and attach three samples of your work to be displayed to:

    Program Overview: The Books by the Bundle Program is dedicated to promoting literacy and fostering a love for reading within our community by offering a complimentary bundle of 15 used books per month to eligible patrons who own or manage a sharing book box located within the Bulverde Area Rural Library District.  The genres of the 15 books will be based on availability and only 5 will be children’s books.

    Eligibility Criteria: To participate in the Books by the Bundle Program, applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

    1. Ownership or Responsibility: Applicants must own or be responsible for stocking a sharing book box within the Bulverde Area Rural Library District.
    2. Library Patron: Applicants must be card holders in good standing of the Mammen Family Public Library (MFPL).
    3. Weatherproof Book Box: Applicants must confirm that their sharing book box is weatherproof and suitable for storing books.

    *Location and weatherproof condition will be verified by a library staff member.

    Application Process: To apply for the program, eligible individuals must complete and submit an application form to the library for review and approval. The application form can be obtained from the library’s website or in-person at the library.

    Book Bundle Requests: Upon approval, patrons may request a book bundle through an online form accessible via a provided link. The online form allows patrons to request specific genres that would be most beneficial to their book box’s location.  As previously stated, the genres of the 15 books will be based on availability and only 5 will be children’s books.

    Collection and Usage:

    1. Frequency: Patrons are allowed to collect one book bundle every 30 days.
    2. Responsibility: The collection of book bundles is the sole responsibility of the requesting party. The library will not deliver or stock sharing book boxes.
    3. Book Box Display: We encourage recipients to prominently display the provided books within their book box and ensure that it remains accessible to the community.
    4. Circulation: We would appreciate the return of any uncirculated books from the previous bundle so they can be circulated elsewhere.

    Program Participation Agreement: By participating in the Books by the Bundle Program, applicants agree to adhere to the program’s guidelines and policies. The library reserves the right to review and update these policies as necessary.

    Apply here or pick up an application at the information desk.

    Outreach is always looking for the following donations:

    • 300 piece puzzles
    • Spanish and/or bilingual books for all ages

    For questions, please email

    Outreach to bring library materials and services for families is available.  Currently, our collaborations include, Comal ISD, Sanctuary of Hope, S.H.A.R.E. Center, Provisions Food Pantry and Helping Hands Food Pantry. 

    To request Outreach services, please email

    The Homebound Delivery Program offers free delivery service of library materials to eligible patrons who reside within the Bulverde Area Rural Library District.

    To be eligible to receive library materials for home delivery, the customer must be “homebound,” as defined by: “Having a condition or illness preventing them from leaving their home in the short- or long-term without assistance.” The library may request verification of a patron’s homebound status. Qualifying status may need to be provided by a person with professional knowledge of the patron’s medical
    condition or illness, such as a doctor, social worker or case manager.

    Any person applying for the Homebound Delivery Program must have a library card in good standing. Those without a library card may request in-person registration at their home if they reside within the library district boundaries. Interested parties may contact the library with questions or to request in-person registration.

    Once registered, patrons may place items on hold through the library’s online catalog, request library staff choose materials on their behalf based on preferences, or call the library and request items through the Outreach Department.

    Delivery and collection of library materials will be scheduled at the mutual convenience of the library representative and patron every two or three weeks. All Section 7 Library Loan Periods and Guidelines will apply to homebound patron use.

    Items delivered to and retrieved from a patron’s home must be received in person at the door by the patron, a caregiver, or a representative for the patron such as a family member or residence staff member and will follow these guidelines:

    • Library items cannot be left outdoors or unattended, such as on a porch, in a mailbox, etc.
    • Customers who will not be able to receive or return items on their designated day should contact the library Outreach Department at least 24 hours prior to their scheduled time to cancel the appointment.
    • Customers receiving Homebound Delivery Service must keep the pathway to their residence safe, sanitary, and clear to allow access for delivery. Pets, with the exception of service animals trained to assist a disabled person, must be kept confined during the delivery.
    • No person within the residence may behave in a threatening, abusive, or obscene manner towards the library representative. Persons receiving delivered library materials should be fully clothed.
    • All library materials must be protected from damage.
    • Library representatives may deny delivery if any person is exhibiting signs of a communicable illness which may jeopardize the staff member/volunteer.

    A library representative may recommend suspension of the Homebound Delivery Service if any conditions above exist to the Library Director. Recommendations for suspension must include the reason and length of time for the requested suspension. Customers will be notified via phone or email of the suspension, the length of time it will be in place, and the reason it occurred. Temporary suspensions
    may be put in place; however, sustained inappropriate and/or dangerous circumstances may result in permanent suspension of service. Suspensions, both temporary and permanent, may be appealed in writing to the Library Director.

    Senior Outreach services range from:
    •  Material selection and delivery to assisted living homes and senior residential neighborhoods
    •  Large print borrowing bookcases onsite at local facilities
    •  Activity collaboration, both onsite and at the library, with local facilities
    •  Books & Bites Book Club at the Bulverde Spring Branch Activity Center
    •  Memory Kits availability for the well-being of those with varying levels of dementia


    Outreach to youth in our community includes both public and private school visits and event participation, pop-up library events, and community partner collaboration with various local organizations.

    For more information or to request a collaboration, please email

    Little Free Libraries

    MFPL currently has three Little Free Library locations.  These brightly painted wooden boxes promote community book exchange through a “take a book, return a book” philosophy.   Anyone may take a book or leave a book to share.

    • The Shops at Faithville Park – 17080 TX-46, Spring Branch, TX 78070
    • Jumbo Evans Sports Park – (Currently not in use)
    • Bulverde Community Park – Bulverde Ln, Bulverde, TX 78163


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