Water Conservation Series: Rain Harvesting
January 1, 1970


06/12/23 @ 12:00pm –
06/12/23 @ 1:30pm

Meeting Room C

Mammen Family Public Library

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Rain Harvesting

Learn how to capture and utilize rainfall effectively to nourish your yard.  A common misconception about collecting rainwater is that all you need is a tank, gutters, a few downpipes and some rain. However, this alone cannot be relied upon to deliver the volume and quantity of water you need. In this session we’ll discuss:

Understanding your rainwater needs
Storing rainwater
Assessing your rainwater collection area
Filtering leaves & debris
Need for and pitfalls of first flush
Pump vs gravity fed system
Rainwater filtration
Optimizing overflow
Monitoring the water level
How to care for your system

Water Conservation Series

This session is part of the Water Conservation Series. These workshops were developed in response to common questions and concerns about various topics related to water conservation, water quality, pollution increases, and ecological issues.  The workshops provide a brief overview (with a chance for questions and answers) for Texas Hill Country residents to better understand where our water comes from and how to protect this important resource. The 10 sessions in this weekly series take place on Mondays from 12:00pm to 1:30pm beginning June 5th and ending August 7th. Feel free to bring your lunch while you learn of ways we all can protect our precious water sources!

Join us for all 10 session in this series or just the sessions that interest you!

Session 1: June 5 – Aquifers
Session 2: June 12 – Rain Harvesting
Session 3: June 19 – Rain Barrels and Wicking Gardens
Session 4: June 26 – Drip Irrigation
Session 5: July 3 – Landscape & Lawn Care in Our Semi-Arid Texas Hill Country
Session 6: July 10 – Find and Fix Leaks at Home
Session 7: July 17 – Xeriscape, Rain Gardens, & Prairie Ponds
Session 8: July 24 – Water Conserving Plants; Bees, Butterflies, and Hummingbirds
Session 9: July 31 – Composting
Session 10: August 7 – Pruning for Winter and Frost Protection

About the Speakers

This session in the Water Conservation Series is presented by the following speakers:

Steven Grainger, PhD
Doctorate from Texas A&M
Hydrologist and Good Guy
Master Gardener; comalmg.org
Dr. Steven Grainger is a retired Aggie Texas Professional Engineer who turned to Master Gardening yet still practices his analytical skills.  He specializes in Irrigation Efficiency and Rainwater Harvesting but is currently also working to specialize in Trees and Tree Care.  He has been a Master Gardener in Comal County for 11 years having served once as President, and now serves as Water Conservation Chair and Vice Chair of the AgriLife Extension Facilities Steering Committee.  He also is Outreach Co-chair on the Comal County Conservation Alliance Board of Directors.  As a person deeply committed to preserving our natural land and water resources, he and his wife of 52 years actively encourage others to do so, too.  He can also advise on landscaping for water efficiency and retention or storm water management.  Our services are always free, and we welcome questions anytime.

Larry Sunn, EdD
Supreme Commander
Doctorate from BYU in Statistics & Research
Director, Comal Trinity Groundwater Conservation District
Director, Healthcare Innovation Sciences
A retired career Marine Captain, and a retired 25-year university professor of statistics and research from the University of Redlands, Dr. Larry Sunn consults free of charge, along with Dr. Steven Grainger, with area residents interested in rain harvesting systems.  Dr. Sunn serves his community as a member of Comal Trinity Groundwater Conservation District’s Board of Directors, a Director on the Board of the HIS Centre, and he is President of the Bulverde Community Park Association.  He and his wife of 60 years have lived on the west side of Bulverde for the past 23 years. 

Learn more about Dr. Grainger’s and Dr. Sunn’s work here: www.rainbees.com