Tabletop Role-playing Games for Teens (TTRPG)
October 31, 2023


10/31/23 @ 5:30pm –
10/31/23 @ 7:30pm

Meeting Room C

Mammen Family Public Library

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Registration is required.

Join us each week for a night of tabletop role-playing games (TTRPG)! This in person group is open to teens and adults accompanying teens, whether you already know how to play RPG games or would like to learn how to play.

No TTRPG experience is needed
Any required supplies will be provided by the library

Adventurers Wanted: This fall we will explore several TTRPG (Table Top Role Playing Game) systems through the eyes of the most commonly reviled monsters in fantasy, Goblins!  Join us every other week as we discover what makes these little green mischief-makers tick.  

Each session will be led by our very own Game Master (Marc Dunlap) who will have all the supplies needed for each game.  Players won’t need any prior experience with TTRPGs, will be able to pick from a variety of premade characters to suit their “play style”, and will be provided simple rule sheets each session to go along with the current TTRPG system we will be using.

Join at any time, as we will be playing “One-Shots” with prebuilt characters that can drop in and out of each session.
All adventures are “open world” and provide many ways of getting the “McGuffin”, defeating the Big Bad, or completing a heroic quest; allowing you to play your character however you want.  (Violence isn’t always the answer… but Teamwork will be imperative!)
This is all about having fun with a focus on community-driven storytelling.  So, be ready to jump into your character’s head, think imaginatively, share the spotlight, and create a truly epic tale for all to enjoy.

Our Game Master endeavors to make this a safe environment for all, and therefore wants you to be aware of the following:

*There will be fantasy themes, such as magic, monsters, myths, legends, and otherworldly races & creatures of all walks of life.  

*While “violence isn’t always the answer” fighting, killing, and dying will likely be the subject of conversation if not a “reality” for the player’s characters.

If there are any personal concerns, subjects that should be avoided, or topics that are “off the table” please make our Game Master aware prior to the session via email.

Most of the adventures being played here at the library will be using those created by SlowQuest (Bodie).  You can find out more information about them HERE, or if you want details about the adventures themselves you can check out his store HERE.


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