Literary Leisure Log

MFPL’s online reading challenge

Welcome to the 2024 Literary Leisure Log (L3) reading challenge for teens and adults!

This reading challenge is tracked in our online Beanstack app.  It is designed to help readers expand their horizons and pick up books that they might not normally read!

We have chosen 12 categories, as well as a bonus category, to enrich your reading experiences throughout 2024. This year you will be tracking the total number of books you read, in addition to reading books in our challenge categories.  Read at least one book from each of the 12 categories.

The challenge will run from January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024. For more information on how to log your reading and what the different badges are, check out the “How It Works” section below.

Happy Reading!

January: A nonfiction book that’s about a skill set – Try doing a search for “skill set books” or books that are about a specific skill (i.e. “books about Excel”). Goodreads and BookAuthority have extensive lists about skill-building books!

View Goodreads’ lists here.

View BookAuthority’s lists here.

February: A New Adult fiction book New Adult fiction books feature characters that are making the transition from late adolescence to adulthood. This could be a book about a character starting their first job, going to college, or gaining newfound responsibilities. Examples of this include books by Sarah J. Maas and Colleen Hoover.  

March: A book with a diverse or marginalized character – try reading a book that features a diverse or marginalized character. This includes characters from a variety of backgrounds- different religions, disabilities, economic challenges, ethnicities, and more.

April: A book with environmental or climate themes – In honor of Earth Day, read a book with environmental or climate themes. Select a nonfiction or fiction book that explores nature, climate science, conservation, and sustainable futures.

May: A graphic novel that’s also a memoir or biography – In honor of Free Comic Book Day, read a graphic novel that’s also a memoir or a biography! Popular examples of this include Persepolisby Marjane Satrapi andSmileby Raina Telgemeier.

June: A book set in the suburbs – Read a book that is set in the suburbs!

July: One of your favorite author’s favorite books – Think about who your favorite author is and look into the books that they enjoy!  Try looking at Fantastic Fiction to see what your favorite author recommends!

August: A Hugo or Lodestar Award-winning book – In honor of the annual Hugo Awards being held this month, read a Hugo Award-winning book. The Hugo Awards celebrate the best science-fiction and fantasy books of the year. For readers that are interested in Young Adult fiction, try reading a Lodestar Award-winning book.

September: An episode of a podcast about books – In celebration of International Podcast Day on September 30th, listen to an episode of a podcast about books! Popular examples of literary podcasts include NPR’s Book of the DayIf Books Could Kill, and Backlisted. Podcast Review and Penguin Books have great lists that include a variety of book podcasts!

October: A book based on ancient mythology – In honor of Myths and Legends Day on October 11th, read a book that is based on ancient mythology. This could be a book that takes place in an ancient civilization, a book that takes place in current day with mythological themes, or even a book that reimagines a popular fable.

October: A nonfiction audiobook – It’s officially National Nonfiction November! Listen to a nonfiction audiobook to celebrate the power of information and facts. This includes general nonfiction and biographical audiobooks.

December: A book set in Ireland or Northern Ireland – In remembrance of the Good Friday Agreement that became effective on December 2nd, 1999, read a book that takes place in either Ireland or Northern Ireland.

Bonus: To earn this bonus badge, read a book from the Harmon & Harriet Kelley Collection! 

More Information

Don’t love these categories?  Don’t want to log online?  Check out our Broaden Your Shelf reading challenge for adults with printed logs instead of using the Beanstack app. 

Looking for a kids’ reading challenge? Check out the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten (1KB4K) program or stay tuned for details on the Summer Reading Challenge, which runs annually from June through August.