02/02/23 @ 5:30pm –
02/02/23 @ 7:30pm

Meeting Room B

Mammen Family Public Library

Registration Required

Registration for this event is required.


The library makes every effort to ensure a welcoming and accessible environment. We can provide accommodations for people with disabilities or food allergies at library events. Please contact programs@mfplibrary.org at least seven days before the event to request accommodations.

Age Guidelines

Successful library programs are designed with age in mind. Please note this program’s age guidelines will be enforced for all active participants.

Registration is required.

Join us in a night of tabletop role-playing games (TTRPG). This in person group is open to teens and adults accompanying teens, whether you already know how to play RPG games or would like to learn how to play.

Game Details:

In this series, we will be exploring the following games:

Space Campaign: AURORA

The players are stowaways aboard a freighter ship, Carpathia, which was making a relatively short jump to the Zalmoxis system. Hidden in the cargo hold, the players smuggled themselves on-board in cryopods to wait out the journey. Upon waking, it becomes apparent that rather than the year it was supposed to take, they have been travelling much longer and further than was ever intended.
System: Mothership
Be a Scientist, a Teamster, an Android, or a Marine.

Fantasy Campaign: Beyond the Sea of Myst (a FolkTail)

Weird things are beginning to happen all around the Tabulatio, strangest of all is winter has yet to end. The council has been silent on these things for more than a month, but now there is a call for each tribe to send a “Promising Youth”, words once only heard in the books of prophecy… What can be done about the long winter, and more importantly what can a few inexperienced youth do that the might High Quorum cannot?
System: D&D 5E (homebrew races included)

Please send a PDF or Word doc of your character sheet to Marc at mdunlap@mfplibrary.org prior to the meeting. The blank character sheet can be found in the Attachments section of this calendar event. If you have any questions on how to fill out the character sheet, please reach out to Marc!

Please register for each individual date that you plan to attend this program.

We also have a TTRPG group open to both adults and teens that meets online on other dates. To check out that group and to register to join us, click on the date you are interested in here: January 12th, January 26th, February 9th, February 23rd.

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