MFPL Program Attendance and Meeting Room Use Policies


Patrons attending both library and non-library sponsored programs at the Library must follow the policies described in this section concerning program guidelines and customer behavior. 

Age Guidelines: While some programs are open to all ages, others are appropriate for specific ages. Audience size and age limits are set based on multiple factors including, but not limited to, content, performer policies, safety, room capacity, and maturity level. Active participants in library programs must align with the program’s advertised age limits. Children under eight years old may not be left unattended during a program at any time in any part of the library. 

Adults not accompanied by a child are not allowed in youth programs unless in an extenuating circumstance. Adults who are required to observe youth programs as part of a requirement for an educational course may be allowed at the discretion of the Library Director or designee. Adults in this situation must furnish appropriate documentation and must request attendance at least three business days prior to the program.

Registration: Library programs may require pre-registration. For high volume programs, patrons who register for a program but fail to attend the program and fail to notify the Library in advance of the program of their cancellation may jeopardize their ability to register for future programs. If this occurs two times, the patron may be placed on a waiting list instead of the registration list for future programs, at the discretion of the Library Director or designee. 

Patrons who have registered for a program but arrive late to the program are not guaranteed admittance. Unfilled seats at the start of the class may be offered to non-registered patrons on a first come first serve basis.

Program Content: The Library aims to design programs and services that are representative of the diverse communities that we serve. The Library prioritizes access to educational resources and learning opportunities to support the arts, science, and literary needs of community members in a safe and welcoming space. The views expressed by presenters or guests during programs are their own and may not represent the views of the Bulverde Area Rural Library District or Mammen Family Public Library.

Participant Behavior and Safety: The safety and security of library staff and patrons are a priority when planning library programs. Attendance in library classes is voluntary and program participants release Bulverde Area Rural Library District and representatives of liability for injuries which may occur while participating in library programs. Children or adults who exhibit disruptive or unsafe behaviors during programs will be required to leave the library immediately. 

Program details and offerings are subject to change at the discretion of library staff in cases of emergency or unforeseen circumstances.


Section 16.1: Meeting rooms in the Bulverde Area Rural Library District are primarily used for library programs and events, but are sometimes available for small community centered or not-for-profit/non-commercial group meetings having no charge events. Any issues not covered in Library policies will be resolved by discussion with the Facilities Manager and the Library Director.  The safety and security of our staff and patrons are a factor in determining how the rooms will be used. 

Section 16.2: To request library meeting room use, interested parties must agree to the rules in this policy and fill out a Meeting Room Request form online. Requesters must be over 18 years of age and an MFPL card holder. The Facilities Manager will follow up by email. 

Section 16.3: A refundable deposit will be required of individuals or groups using the meeting rooms.  The individual making the reservation, as well as the group as a whole, is responsible for damages that result from the group’s use of the meeting room. 

Section 16.4: These rules may be revised at any time without notice. Smoking is prohibited on Library property. 

Section 16.5: Prohibited Use of Library Meeting Rooms

  • The Library cannot accommodate private parties, social events, and/or religious services.
  • Entities may not use the rooms for events to solicit money or another thing of value, charge admission, or sell, or advertise for sale, goods or services.
  • Fundraising or educational events for local non-profit entities may be considered on a case to case basis.
  • Alcohol may not be served in the meeting spaces without approval from the Library Director.

Section 16.6: Community and Not-for-Profit/Non-Commercial groups, who are not selling products or services, may be approved to use a meeting room during library hours, once per month, subject to room availability and Library scheduling constraints, for educational, civic, cultural or intellectual pursuits. Such use is generally limited to groups with fewer than 30 people and requires advance notice. 

All advertising for Community and Not-for-Profit/Non-Commercial group events must include the statement: “This event is not affiliated with or sponsored by the Bulverde Area Rural Library District or Mammen Family Public Library.” The library’s phone number should not be given out as a contact for inquiries about the event. 

The Library reserves the right to reschedule an event in case of emergency or unforeseen circumstances.

Section 16.7: Tutors are welcome to tutor in shared library spaces, if they can do so without disturbing others, or may use a walk-in Study Room per Library Study Room policy (see below) and availability.  Tutors are limited to working with three students or fewer at a time.

Section 16.8 Study Rooms are available for walk-in use only by groups of 6 or less.  These rooms cannot be reserved in advance.

  • You must sign up with a staff member
  • There is a (2) two-hour time limit for room use
  • If no one has signed up after your (2) two-hour time limit, you can sign up for another (2) hour time fram