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The Foundation of the Bulverde/Spring Branch Library

In 2013 the Foundation of the Bulverde/Spring Branch Library was founded to financially support the library and thereby enhance the community's appreciation and utilization of the library as a cultural and educational institute.  The Foundation will primarily establish an endowment and other specific funds, solicit and accept donations to those funds, and administer those funds.  The Foundation works closely with the boards of the Bulverde Area Rural Library District and the Friends of the Bulverde/Spring Branch Library to coordinate the common purposes of all three organizations in support of the library. The Foundation is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-stock issuing organization and has no seal or membership dues.

Board of Directors

The Board of the Foundation will have no less than three (3) and no more than fifteen (15) Directors who will serve 3 year terms.  The current board includes the following members:

Marty Chrisman

Fred Abney

Peggy Hamm

Mike Rarick

       Harry Truman


Foundation By-Laws

Meeting Agendas

Meeting Minutes