Get a library card

Approved free card zip codes are: 78004, 78006, 78015, 78027, 78070, 78132, 78133, 78163, 78258, 78260, 78261, 78606

To receive a borrower’s card, please come to the library with the following:

▪ a photo identification (a Texas Driver’s License, Student ID, military ID, or employer ID

▪ verification of current address such as checkbook, voter’s registration card, a utility bill, or mail with a recent postmark


Non-residents outside the approved zip codes may obtain a library card for a fee.   To receive a non-resident library card,  please provide the following information:

● A picture ID with current residential address and
● Rental receipt from an “in district” landlord OR
● A postmarked letter showing current residency


Youth under 18 years of age may receive a borrower’s card.   A parent or guardian must have his/her own borrowing card in good standing and give permission for the child to borrow materials. The parent or guardian accepts full responsibility for the minor and any damaged or lost materials and fees.

If a parent or guardian is not available to sign up for a card, a local area student may receive a Student Passport card without a parent or guardian signing up. 

Who can get a card?

The following zip codes can receive a free MFPL library card: 78004, 78006, 78015, 78027, 78070, 78132, 78133, 78163, 78258, 78260, 78261, 78606

If you do not live in the approved zip codes, you may receive a library card for a fee of $50.

Service shall not be denied or abridged because of religious, racial, physical, social, economic or political status.

Borrowing privileges must be updated annually in order to maintain accurate records.